To appear here and there with the strong desire for intimacy, trust and complicity. Always in search of a life, that feels genuine. A life that does not have to censor in different shades. A life that through authenticity is ready to establish its own path to coherence joyfully. That wants to be more than an roaming shadow in the midst of society…

The newspaper project in hand Fantasma is an expression of this search. It arised from the circumstance of involuntary but self-chosen clandestinity and is for that regard not bound by place.We, the authors, foster the desire as made-invisibles to talk about this be-invisible. About lived experiences and considerations in this situation. From us, as from other comrades – and that would be extremly wonderful – that find themselves on such a journey right now or have once. And because the invisible can not exist without its counterpart, we encourage all the visibles, that have been indirectly affected by a situation like this, to send in your self-written contributions. To put the reflections and initiatives, away from concrete, technical questions, up for a public debate and thus open up a space for discussions and exchange with all interested. The desire to bring back to life the in all directions extending demystification of clandestinity, from the illusion of the wild and spectacular rebel-life (a fiction of Hollywood with its usual cast, consisting of protagonists and spectators) to that illusion of the anxious-paranoid vagabond-lifes. Definitely theres moments full of wild enthusiasm and the urge for action. As well as full of doubts and desperation. But either of these sides only build the black/white frame which holds together the many different shades of grey that we are made of. To mistake this frame as the whole and let it be a fixed picture would only lead to a reduction of this complex life with all its tangles to the replicated spectacle with already prefabricated fixed pictures and roles.

The desire to highlight, through this instrument of communications, all of the hidden capabilities of the individual, their autonomy, their endless room to maneuver and to define it as a starting point for a revolutionary transformation of society. It does not matter in which specific situation one finds itself right now.

The state persecutor the finger showing, we hope to be able to contribute with this paper to the anarchist project and to grow with it. But to make this humble project known and spread it all over the place, we are dependent on the solidarity of the visibles. Unfortunately our situation does not allow to find you, get to know you, to talk from eye to eye, present our projects at an info/talk or else. So we call on you to copy and spread this irregular appearing paper. To give it into the prisons and the last corners of this society, so that it can be part of a antiauthoritarian debate in view of a social revolution, across the borders of visibility and encourage to subversive action. Thanks a lot for all of your solidarity and support through words and actions….